Izera - technology


We took care, Izera vehicles meet strict technical standards. With their modern electronic architecture and based on it advanced systems, drivers will be provided with great comfort and safety.

SEA Architecture


Developed by Geely Holding through its global R&D centers in Europe and China, SEA is a purpose-built pure electric vehicle architecture that is highly scalable, from A-Segment small vehicles to E-segment and larger commercial vehicles. The platform provides a comprehensive software framework, reducing software development for partners, and a wheelbase that can be expanded from 1800 mm to 3300 mm, based on requirements.

Reach the speed of 100 km/h within
7 seconds

What characterizes new Izera vehicles is their extraordinary driving dynamics. This is possible thanks to an immediate availability of the maximum torque, giving drivers a supreme driving comfort.

The new vehicles by the Polish Izera brand guarantee acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h within less than 7 seconds.

Izera - Reach the speed of 100 km/h within 8 seconds
Izera - technology

Over 400 km of range
on one charge

The cars come with new generation lithium-ion batteries. You can choose between two capacity rates, allowing you to reach the range of approximately 440 km on single charge according to the WLTP procedure. The new Polish Izera cars can be charged using both domestic power wall chargers as well as fast charging points. With an app downloadable to your smartphone or another mobile device, you will be able to remotely run air-conditioning during charging. Additionally, you can set the charging time and cost optimized charging cycle.

Izera - Up to 400 km of range on one charge

Safety comes first

This is why the Polish electric car Izera is equipped with meeting high standards, complex electronic architecture responsible for advanced driver assistance (ADAS) while car is in motion

Izera - Forward collision warning system


Forward collision
warning system

Izera - Blind spot detection system


Blind spot
detection system

Izera - Traffic-sign recognition system


recognition system

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