Izera - design


We created two C-segment vehicles - an SUV and a hatchback - both characterized by their versatility, practicality, spaciousness and a distinctive style. We paid attention to every detail, which provides our cars with a unique and independent character.


This 5-door sport utility vehicle is marked by a powerful body with a soft, elegant and modern look.

Distinguished by harmonious proportions and distinctive character, this car will give you a smooth driving experience and safety during both city and country journeys.

Izera - SUV design
Izera - design - SUV
Izera - design - suv
Izera - design - suv
Izera - design - suv


Combining smooth, yet highly complex surfaces, the car has a sensual and modern appearance.

This 5-door vehicle is characterized by an appealing slim body and perfect proportions. What draws special attention is its elegant and dynamic bodyline: a true testament tothe unique nature of the car.

Izera - Hatchback design
Izera - design - Hatchback
Izera - design - Hatchback
Izera - design - Hatchback
Izera - design - Hatchback

to details

High attention to detail is why the new Polish brand Izera stands out from the crowd. This makes the vehicles so unique and independent. Distinctive embossed wheel arches will immediately capture your attention and provide feeling of strength and power. Smooth transitions and limited use of of sharp edges add soothing elegancy and maturity level. Innovative, dynamic form is highlighted by car proportion typical for well-designed EV– short front overhang and big wheelbase.

Izera - design

Spaciousness and comfort

Izera is a family oriented brand. We emphasize it by interior package and design.

Spaciousness is, what focus attention first. It is achieved thanks to the long wheelbase and "cab forward" design. It makes really the difference in comparison to many other compact class cars, a specially powered by combustion engines. In a practical life spaciousness means an additional longitudinal space for first and second row of occupants. Optimized rear overhang provides competitive trunk volume in all three body variants.

Comfort in every way

Driver and passengers comfort is our priority. Comfort manifest it self not only by spaciousness and ergonomy or by type and set-up of selected suspension, but also by number of technical solutions, users of our cars can find inside. We are aware of customer expectations from modern cars. Thus, our EV provides fun of driving in many aspects- from thermal and acoustic comfort up to very broad functionality menu of comfort features with option to personalize.

Izera - multifunctional heated steering wheel
Multifunctional heated steering wheel featuring programmable buttons
Izera - adjustable energy recovery mode
Adjustable energy recovery mode (ECO+/ECO-)
Izera - two screens on the dashboard
Two screens on the dashboard, including the central touchscreen
Izera - customizable virtual displays
Customizable virtual displays
Izera - automatic two zone air-conditioning
Automatic two zone air-conditioning