Slide A nature-inspired
The inspiration for the name of the brand comes from the Izera Mountains range. We were delighted to observe the richness of local colors on the sky, changing throughout the day and night, as well as the dark starry sky above mountain peaks, symbolizing the purity and the power of nature. What also inspired us was the human courage so characteristic of travelers. This is what drives them, empowering them to dream, discover the world and follow their own path.
Slide A technology-inspired brand Modern technologies are changing our lives and the world around us. They help us develop, set trends, create new opportunities and give us a chance to live a better, more comfortable life. This is why it is the technologies that fueled the development process of the Izera brand. Dashboard touchscreens, dynamic acceleration, advanced driver assistance systems: we have harnessed cutting-edge technologies to give you a comfortable driving experience, the symbol of which is the hexagon-shaped sign on the bonnet. Slide A people-inspired
The new brand is human-friendly as it is people that have inspired it. With utmost attention to detail, we’ve come up with a car concept to give you a supreme sense of safety and comfort. To accompany your daily life but also give you a moment of distraction from the daily routine. A family car with a lot of space inside; appealing and dynamic. When developing the Izera concept, we had you and your nearest and dearest on our minds so you can trust it.

Slide The arms around the sign resemble loving hands protecting something precious. They symbolize care and safety because we know how much you care about your nearest and dearest. Let the car take care about you now! We follow our own path, just like you do; consistently pursuing our goals. We set new trends and push boundaries.
Therefore, our symbol is a stylized compass needle.
The needle is surrounded by a modern hexagon shape.
This symbol emphasizes the distinctive features of Izera,
i.e. modern technologies and engineering craftsmanship.

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